Write For Us

Just starting out?

Here at La La Film we’re always on the hunt for the best content from promising new writers, so if you think you have what it takes to be the next William Miller then we want to hear from you.

Simply fill out the form below so we know who you are and what sort of stuff you do. You will then be transported to a remote island with a group of fellow hopefuls and a backpack each containing essential tools and a randomly selected weapon. If you survive, one of our editors will be in touch.

Here’s some handy tips that will help you win our love:

  • Know your audience – browse the site and get a feel for who we are. If you don’t care enough to look, then you definitely don’t care enough to contribute!
  • Be honest – it doesn’t matter if your favourite film is Birth of A Nation or American Pie, be honest, own it, and write with confidence.
  • We’re not film snobs so don’t act like one. Detailed pieces are great, and an understanding of cinema is essential, but did you actually enjoy the film you’re writing about? And will our readers want to watch?
  • Proofread – ever been put off by an article riddled with spelling mistakes? Us too.
  • Send us examples – you don’t need to be an established writer. We love hearing from newbies but we’re not gonna take a punt for no reason. Show off and send us your stuff, even if you have to write something specifically.

Good luck, and may the odds be ever in your favour.


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