Review: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows (2016)

Director:    Dave Green

Starring:     Megan Fox, Will Arnett, Stephen Amell, Tyler Perry, Laura Linney

Release Date:  30th May 2016 (UK)

Those speedo pizza loving turtles are back for more, er….pizza. Who says turtles are boring creatures, huh? This time, it’s an even bigger budget which means more money spent on explosive high octane turtle action. Cowabunga, baby!

Just when evil Shredder was put away in the first one, he escapes from a security van with the help of his shifty men. He plans to cause major destruction to NYC with the help of a mad scientist (Perry) and a rhino and warthog (go with it). The turtles do their thing with the help of reporter April (Fox) and a viligante officer(Amell). But, not all humans are happy to see their green faces around town.

The ‘outsider’ theme continues, well, when you’re talking turtles on the streets of NYC, you will stand out like a sore turtle. Having to hide in a sewer (ewww) and only venturing out for some crime fighting or pizza makes for an isolated existence. The outside world with those weird creatures called humans are a judgemental lot and convincing them you’re the good guys is no mean feat. The martial arts kicking Rat (suspension of disbelief, people) reminds Raphael that the turtles are different which makes them unique. When the brothers are drifting apart, Rat tells him to stick together – the bond will remain strong (ahhh).

The first one introduced us to the awesome foursome and here you delve into their hearts and minds – come on, you’ve always wanted to know what those pesky turtles were thinking in your garden. The turtles have emotive facial expressions which makes them look almost human at times ( it’s not lost on me that they are motion capture CGI). The original film(90s) had actors in rubber suits so they looked silly but it was a different time. Now, if they had CGI back then, this would have been the result. A pop video style format for the MTV generation with nimble scenes, loud action and silly banter.

The turtles are entertaining throughout, never a dull moment. Fox does her pouty thing. Perry is OTT mad. Arnett is all pathetic slimy git and Amell is the male eye candy. Even Oscar nominee Laura Linney as a ruthless Police Chief manages to keep a straight face.

A no brainer that totally works for its target demographic, kids.  Not a Oscar contender but then, Donald Trump.  Anyway, enjoy your pizza, dude.


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