Review: The Boss (2016)

Director: Ben Falcone

Starring: Melissa McCarthy, Kirsten Bell, Peter Dinklage

Release Date: 10th June 2016 (UK)

This is Blue Jasmine –  Melissa McCarthy style, so a very different blueprint of the riches to rags story. And no Woody Allen direction but the man who is married to his leading lady, Ben Falcone. Talk about sleeping with the boss. He’s done a good job of making it all about the missus – ten choccie brownie points to you.

Michelle Darnell (McCarthy) is a wealthy CEO and thrives on her success. She likes to patronise especially her smart PA Claire (Bell). When Michelle is imprisoned for insider trading, she loses everything and gains a lot of hate. On release, and homeless, she moves in with Claire and her young daughter in a modest apartment. She has to start again and builds up a chocolate brownie business with her new flatmates. However, not everyone wants her to do well, especially Renault (Dinklage) her ex lover. He wants her to fall, literally.

You hear it all the time these days,  wealthy bigwigs who are self righteous and condescending towards staff and then get their comeuppance. Narcissistic greed to have ownership makes for a hateful figure. Michelle is the epitome of narcissism. You can have the American Dream but only if you do it my way  and believe everything I say. She is the female Donald Trump (good timing) and believes her own hype – the security man is her yes man. Claire is more pragmatic and tries to give her a reality dose but then rich folk have warped  deluded thinking.

Michelle comes from a broken childhood. Shunted from one foster home to another and left abandoned. She became self reliant and adamant to make something of herself. She is materialistic, has a history of unsavoury men and the fashion and hairdo to manifest the wealth. But, she is missing love, and seeing that with Claire and daughter makes her envious.

The girl club scenes are just over the top. Their only purpose seems to be that of conveying extreme bitchiness between women and girls. They should all go on The Apprentice, I’m sure Lord Sugar would have a field day. The problem with a lot of  female centric comedies is the need to be OTT with the cliches. The men are pathetic losers and the women tear each other apart. No normality with humour.

McCarthy is on great form. Her timing with the one liners, curled lip expressions and slapstick pratfalls are brilliant. And, she manages to be consistent without overplaying at any point. Bell is the yang to McCarthy’s yin maintaining her composure. Dinklage goes for slick hair and camp foolery as Renault (pronounce it the way you want).

The Boss is nothing Farrell or Stiller haven’t done before but it was a good laugh and who cares, right?  God, we need to laugh in this world. Just keep those bitches away, I mean dobermans.


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