20 of the Best Elisha Cook Jr. Films

He was the go-to guy when Hollywood needed a patsy, a fall guy, and he did it with class and dignity, no matter how small the part was.  Starting out in vaudeville at the early age of 14, he eventually made his way to the big screen, he starred opposite Lana Turner in Her Unborn Child (1930), but it wasn’t until 1936 that Cook finally became a full time actor.

Cook was a man of small stature, but the characters that he portrayed often were vicious losers with a snarl on their lips.  He had a lengthy career and did an enormous amount of television work; often guest starring in plenty of prime time shows, often playing a villain or a spineless criminal.  Most often remembered for being the gunsel Wilmer in John Houston’s classic Film Noir, The Maltese Falcon.

These are the top twenty films of Elisha Cook Jr that you may have missed.

Click through the pages to view the list.


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  1. Arthur Grant says:

    Hey, your article was great. I really enjoyed that. I think you got em all, except for maybe Steven Spielberg’s 1941. Oh, and Cook plays a bank teller in ‘One Eyed Jacks.’


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