5 Best &5 Worst Movies of 2016 – So Far

Unusual Motion Pictures


It’s almost half of the year behind our backs and it’s the right moment to reflect on what we’ve seen so far in 2016. This list is made of movies that were given the distribution in the cinemas in Poland.

5. El Clan


The killer family from Buenos Aires is the topic of Pablo Trapero’s thriller, which was last year’s Oscar candidate from Argentina. El Clan discovers very dark corners of human nature, but doing so in a rather unheard-of manner – the soundtrack, with its lively rock and roll and the blooming city both create a vivid contradiction to what actually happens in the titular clan’s household. Finally, the film features an extremely cherished performance of Guillermo Francella as the malefic Arquimedes Puccio – head of the sociopathic gang.

Click here for review.

UMP Grade: 41/50

4. Deadpool


Ryan Reynolds fought for bringing Deadpool to the…

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  1. Thanks for the reblog! Really glad you liked the list. Any further recommendations as to what to see this year? 🙂


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