Netflix Isn’t Worth It Anymore

The Mossy Film Review

I feel like someone scammed me. I know what it feels like, it’s happened to me a lot, but I have rarely so gladly let myself be scammed as I have with Netflix. The selection of films and television on Netflix outside of the US and Canada is fucking awful. While Canadian and American Netflix is updated regularly and contains the newest episodes of television shows, Irish Netflix is lagging behind. It is like seeing Usain Bolt race against a legless child. The child will eventually crawl to the finish line, but Usain will have already gotten home by then. 

The cheapest plan for Netflix in Ireland is €7.99 a month (around $9 a month), or about a dollar more expensive than the American subscription per month. For the longest time we have put up with Netflix in Ireland by using VPN’s to have access to the American catalog. Recently, Netflix…

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