The Fault In Me Before You

3rd Rail

It’s only natural something as successful as The Fault in Our Stars would birth a few imitators, though I didn’t quite think we would still be seeing them two years down the line. I also didn’t think I would see one quite so brazen as Me Before You, which seeks to imitate everything down to the damned release date.

In the annals of young adult weepies about romance where death is involved, Me Before You is fine. Which, to be honest, is really more of an insult than that may read. The worst thing a film can be, especially one that wants to be a tearjerker, is just fine. Being just fine means I probably won’t remember too terribly much about this one come…let’s say Tuesday.

In this particular “watch this on your own so no one sees you cry” flick, Emilia Clarke plays Louise Clark, a…

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