Bollywood VS Hollywood

Prachi Daga


While in India, talking to filmmakers and stars, I realized that Bollywood as an industry was completely different from Hollywood. Since then, having done more research on it here are somethings I realized.

Every story has been formed by a person, a person definitely belonging to a religion which has in many ways defined his story. One of my greatest findings has been that the stories or plots of Hollywood films are heavily based on redemption as Lisa Dethridge mentions in her book – ‘How to write a screenplay’. But where does the concept of redemption come from? Christianity. But if that theory is true, what would Bollywood films be based on? I believe that Bollywood stories come from the concept of Karma which comes from the Hindu religion. This makes the plots of both industries completely different.

Bollywood movies are often called escapists. With the underlying poverty, lack of infrastructure, education and over populated cities, Indians have enough problems in life and hence the dance, music, international backdrops and very unrealistic themes of Bollywood are more appreciated and are a part of the industry. If you take an average film from Europe or America, in it’s structure, it is nearer to a short story. But an average Indian film, strictly talking about the structure, is nearer to a novel. Indian masses somehow want a story that will engulf generations and eras, a larger time period, incidents, all influences on a larger gamut. This is one major difference between the structure of European or American screenplay and an Indian screenplay.

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