When Directors Yell

A great insight into the world of a background artist…

An Unperfect Actor

There can be some overlapping between jobs that are background, and jobs that are more than background. It is becoming increasingly common to get booked on a film or tv show, and find yourself all alone in the frame, or playing a scene with a movie star, or taking direction from the man two feet away on the other side of the camera, all for a regular day’s rate as a background actor.

It’s understandable why this is happening. Production companies like to cut costs where they can, and they know they can get actors who work background to do almost anything for the same amount of money they would get for sitting in a cafe across the street, or walking through an office, or browsing the shelves in a book store.

The text came in late last night, for what I thought would be a background job. Strangely, they…

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