Three simple symbols that will change the way you watch movies

seeds of tantalus

Film makers like to use motifs that are easily recognizable and resonate with human experiences. If we’re aware of them these symbols add another layer of meaning. If you’re not then you’re an ignorant viewer who’s not getting the most out of life. Good use of symbols make or break a movie weather you’re aware of them or not.

First, rain. Rain signifies a significant change in any character getting rained on. It could be a rebirth, an epiphany or a major milestone in their lives. For instance in “The boy in the striped pajamas” The family gets rained on right at the very end when they realize something important in regards to their son. Rarely is it raining just to rain in a movie. It takes time and effort to set up this effect.

Here’s the scene:

Second, food. Food generally signifies intimacy, closeness, sexual union. Think “Pulp…

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  1. Cool! I knew about the clothing but not the first too. Next time, i’ll have to check out the rain hehe

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