5 Great Movies Made on a Budget

In a multi-billion dollar industry, there are more than enough big budget productions dominating the box office with their epic stunts and remarkable graphics. However every now and then a film will come along that is so ripe with creativity and production value that it makes studio heads weep, showing that a minimal budget doesn’t always mean a minimal hit.

Upcoming sci-fi thriller Kill Command is this exception to the rule. With an overall production budget of £1 million, the film pits man against machine using terrifyingly detailed robots in a stunning futuristic landscape, truly showing what can be achieved on a tight budget in the VFX age. The film hits cinemas and is available on iTunes and Sky Store from 13th May, and to celebrate its release we take a look at some of the greatest films that have been made for under a million.

Watch the action-packed Kill Command trailer here

Use the page numbers to navigate through the list, and comment below with your all time favourite low-budget movies.


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