Review: Catwoman (2004)

Director:  Pitof

Starring:   Halle Berry, Sharon Stone, Benjamin Bratt

Release Date: 13th August 2004 (UK)

Yes, it’s that Catwoman film. And, yes, it’s Oscar winner Halle Berry in that role that won her the prestigious Golden Raspberry Award. What an honour. Though brutally panned by the critics, it’s not that bad of a comic action movie. Sometimes, my dears, we just need to escape.

It’s a case of wrong time, wrong place for the timid and insecure Patience Phillips (Berry). She works for a cosmetics company and overhears her nasty bosses wife Laurel Hedare (Stone) talking about the side effects of a new anti-ageing cream. She tries to get away and ends up drowning. An Eygptian cat brings her back to life and gives her amazing powers. Open those curtains, it’s Catwoman. She’s out for revenge. Ooooh, getting her claws out!

The plot deals with aging, image and identity crisis that burden many women (and men) these days. The cosmetic world is all about manipulating women into thinking creams will formulate skin miracles in a little pot. Patience is working in that world and she has behind the scenes knowledge of how calculated the illusion of timeless beauty is.

I thought the premise had potential but it is let down by lack of substance within character backstory. Films like Batman and  Spider-Man had acute backstories for protagonist and nemesis. You feel sympathy for the characters because the psychology is explored and you get to the root of their insecurities. This has a bunch of holes which could’ve been filled up with better character development. The characters are very cartoony and one dimensional.

The fight action sequences do pump things up. Catwoman has great fun fighting – from the jewel thieves to the sexy showdown between her and Laurel. Catfight, indeed. The cinematography looks just right with the dark and unsavoury night scenes and no overuse of CGI which you get a lot of these days.

As expected, the gossips went to town with who would play the sensual feline. Many top names were mentioned but HB nabbed it. She does a good job and gives it everything she’s got. The transformation from Patience to Catwoman is amazing and the inhibitions are out of the window. Brett is all brooding and big smiles as the love interest cop. Great to see sex symbol cross legger Stone in a juicy villainous role. Shame she’s not on the movie scene these days. She’s the epitome of old fashioned Movie star.

Dont believe the negativity and see it for yourself with a bag of  microwave popcorn. It’s purrrlicious. Meow.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. wlsnjk says:

    Nice to see you didn’t get the claws out 🙂


  2. Kamla patty says:

    please. Put back cat woman. Movie. With. Halle berry on TV please it time. Now. Time warner cable. Listing channels Kamla. Patty


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