The Green Inferno: A Critique of Millennials

An eloquent analysis of a controversial film from the blogosphere. Well worth a read…


It’s not news that Americans have a poor reputation abroad. We’re viewed as stupid, naive, and arrogant. Not the best self-image to have. Movies have responded by turning us into a trope. The silly Americans overseas. Think of the fat family in In Bruges. Or worse, National Lampoon’s European Vacation. Or Brian Mill’s daughter in Taken, who can’t seem to not get taken. All of these films satirize the cliché American, whether it’s the middle-class, white-bread family, or the teenage bopper looking to sate her taste of the exotic. Eli Roth goes further than this in his parody of the modern American, in The Green Inferno.

Roth has The Green Inferno‘s lead role, college-student Justine (Lorenza Izzo), play a modern trope that he takes no mercy on, the hyper-sensitive millennial. After watching a short film on female genital mutilation, the soft-hearted Justine feels immediately compelled to do something about…

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