Steven Spielberg will Not Focus on the 80’s for ‘Ready Player One’


The story for Ready Player One features so many pop culture references of the 1980’s, many of which from the work of Steven Spielberg. So when news broke the director would take on the adaptation of the story by Ernest Cline, it was widely accepted by fans because of the perfect fit. The man who directed/produced films like Indiana Jones, E.T., The Goonies, and Back to the Future would be able to insert these references into the story, in a way no other storyteller possibly could.

Except that’s not the route Spielberg is interested in taking with Ready Player One.

Spielberg told USA Today how “very trippy” it feels to be an influence on himself in a way. His intention is not to remind people of his 80’s movies, stating “I may leave most of them out!

I know Spielberg’s words may sound worrisome for fans…

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