5 Reasons To Be A James Bond Fan

James Bond, a lover of martinis and a man with an impeccable taste in suits, known to assassinate villains with unshakable confidence. If you aren’t a fan of the films already, here are 5 reasons you should be:

  1. The Lead Actor

From Sean Connery to Daniel Craig, it takes a certain actor to be able to play Mr Bond. Incredible agility, impressive physique and mental determination are just a few of the qualities needed to play this action hero, so it’ s no surprise it’s considered as one of the most coveted roles in Hollywood history.

  1. The Gadgets

James Bond is just your average character without an array of essential gadgets to help him thwart the bad-guys. While you’ll never see Bond without a watch, there have been other memorable ones over the years, such as the Rolex Submariner in Live and Let Die (1973). A proverbial Army Swiss knife of sorts, the Submariner helped Bond deflect bullets, escape a shark-infested pool and rescue his female partner in crime. However, what most of us lesser humans probably would have wanted most, was the Electro-Magnetic Controller from Diamonds Are Forever (1971). A ring that won you a jackpot every time at the slot machines sounds great in theory, but it may just increase the number of money-obsessed hard-balls your way.

  1. The Action Sequences

Considered as one of the liveliest action-packed franchises of all time, Bond films have garnered its most interest from its thrilling sequences. If you want to see a human’s responsiveness stretched to the limit, then a Bond film will do just that. Whether it’s the hard to believe helicopter and motorbike chase in Tomorrow Never Dies (1997) or the sans digital sequences in Living Daylights (1987), the films possess notoriety because they articulate action like no other film can.

  1. The Villains

No Bond film is complete without creepy villains with a passion for revenge. From angry billionaires to psychotic autocrats, the 23 films that have thus far been filmed have featured multiple assassins who hold a multitude of sins. When they’re not baying for Bond’s blood, they’re either inventing new ways of torture or ordering their henchmen to do their dirty work. Take villain Le Chiffre (played by Mads Mikkelsen) in Casino Royale (2006), whose physical intimidation of Bond reached new levels. Other notables include Jaws (Richard Kiel) from The Spy Who Loved Me (1977) and Mr Kil (Lawrence Makoare) from Die Another Day (2002), without whose presence in the film would have made a much duller affair.

  1. The Theme Songs

Recently, the theme tune for a Bond film has been equally anticipated as the film itself. With Sam Smith’s Writing’s On The Wall for new Bond film Spectre (2015) soaring high on the charts, it provides an added promotional buzz for the film franchise. Favourites over the decades include Shirley Bassey’s GoldFinger (1964), Paul McCartney’s Live and Let Die (1973) and Adele’s SkyFall (2012). A powerful voice is needed to take on a Bond theme tune and is now proving covetable as the leading acting role itself.