Dr Nope: 6 of the Craziest James Bond Spoofs and Cash-Ins

Although the James Bond series began in 1962 with Dr No, it wasn’t until the huge success of Goldfinger (1964) that the rest of the cinema world recognized there was a Fort Knox fortune for the taking in the spy genre.

Of course, part of the Bond films success is they looked expensive, because they were expensive; all that glamour and technology doesn’t come cheap. The trick B-movie directors had to pull was in making a film that looked expensive, but wasn’t, and in taking a Bond film down to its barest elements (guns, girls and gadgets), the rest would somehow look after itself; with the right parts in place, as long as a suave-talking spy fought up an evil crime organization, the audience would be happy with a counterfeit product.

Of course, those film-makers were wrong, but some were happy just to make fun of the spy genre, like our first film…