Editors Choice: September 2015 Favourite

Screen Shot 2015-06-24 at 21.18.07 Editor-in-Chief
Legend (09th September 2015):


With a stellar double performance, Tom Hardy has proven his leading man credentials and made himself a credible awards contender with this stylish and sensitive biopic of the notorious Kray twins. Legend tells of the years leading up to the brothers’ arrest, framed around a love story between Reggie and his girlfriend turned wife, played by the wonderful Emily Browning. It’s stunningly shot, with a wonderful period soundtrack and an attention to detail that should propel it to the top of the Oscar race. Forget all the nit-pickers, Legend is awesome.

Screen Shot 2015-05-21 at 22.39.32 Jamie Goss, News & Feature Editor

Transporter: Refueled (04th September 2015):

Transporter Refueled

I’ve been a little lack lustre in my trips to the cinema this month, in fact I have only been to see one film – Transporter: Refueled – and boy was it a stinker. Poised to be a brilliant spinoff to the already fantastic Transporter films, this film provided us instead with; a new lead actor, a terrible Taken like story and iPhone year continuity that would make Steve Jobs turn in his grave!

To his credit, the new lead actor is amazing, and what I’m sure is a so called ‘heart throb’ for females alike. Nevertheless this doesn’t excuse the whole film. The main blokes dad gets captured, and although it’s never fully explained, we are sure he is an ex-transporter anyway, so why couldn’t he have got himself out of his sticky situation. Also he ends up having sex with two of his captures later on in the film, oh sorry SPOILER ALERT!!!
Sorry if you came here expecting to see a piece about why you should go to see Transporter: Refueled, but you really shouldn’t… Save your money and wait for James Bonds’ Spectre, it’s not THAT long to wait.

1235469_10153168515030012_1484978812_n Jasmine Lakhani, Trailer and Review Editor

Aloha (18th September 2015) & The Martian (30th September 2015):


For the month of September I have had the chance to visit the cinema as much as I would like. The only film I had the chance to watch released this month is Aloha and I can’t say I would watch Aloha again. The storyline is very confusing and underdeveloped; you definitely won’t be missing anything by not watching this.

Therefore I thought I would tell you the movie I am looking forward to watching the most from this month is The Martian. The trailer really sparked my interest, the idea of an astronaut (Matt Damon) left behind by the rest of the crew on Mars has no choice but to try and survive with little to no supplies. He finds a way to contact home and the crew has to find a way to bring him home. It’s a very fascinating idea and I have only heard good things so far (with the exception of a few reviews). If you have watched The Martian please let me know whether it worth watching.


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