Review: Bee Movie (2007)

Director: Simon J.Smith & Steve Hickner

Starring: Jerry Seinfeld, Renee Zellweger, Matthew Broderick, John Goodman

Release Date: 14th December 2007 (UK)

It’s a bbbbuzzin….with Beemania (awful, I know). Jerry Seinfeld of err… Seinfeld fame has co written his first feature and it’s the beeswax (terrible). There’s been ogres, fish, pandas, squirrels and raccoons, so why not the little yellow and black striped buzzers.

College graduate Barry B Benson (get it) is joining the workforce of honey making in the hive. He is unlike other bees because he has a carefree attitude towards life and hates the drudgery of the same job. He escapes the hive and into the human world where he makes an unlikely and prohibited (it’s a no no in bee world to befriend a human!) friend with Vanessa. Together, they go about taking action against humans for their mistreatment of bees and stealing their honey. Right on.

Bees do sting if you get stung making humans shoo them when they get near so the writers have found a way for the sympathy vote to go towards the little buzzers. Who would’ve thought bees could be so exploited by humans but we are in Dreamworks land where anything is possible. Humans are the baddies as they find bees a nuisance which provides for some great comic moments in the film. Vanessa’s fella tries to kill Barry (with hilarious consequences) and the humans steal the honey which outrages Barry. He has the courage to say this is wrong and prove that bees provide good benefits like honey, wax and pollination.

The pollen jocks are a swarm of bees who are the do-gooders. They pollinate flowers so they don’t die creating a beautiful environment. Barry sees the jocks as a positive force and together they try hard to put out a good image of bees. The message is that one person/bee can make a difference but it takes a supportive team to fight a great cause and convey what is possible. Barry is the underdog/bee against all odds but fights with all his mighty little wings.

Seinfeld kept it within his TV family with the voices. Alongside him, his show cast members Michael Richards and Patrick Warburton provide their vocals. Renee Zellweger is a caring Vanessa and Mathew Broderick is Barry’s serious buddy Adam Flayman. John Goodman is Mr Indifferent defense attorney who tries to bring our hero down.

Dreamworks has gone for very bright and yellow with lots of buzzing. Bee Movie is summery and gleeful just what you need as the nights draw in. Oh honey, bee nice to them. Ouch!