5 of the Best Las Vegas Movies

Las Vegas is one the most famous cities in the United States. Mainly, people visit Sin City to try their luck in one of the city’s glitzy casinos or to get married. However, not many know that Las Vegas has a dark past that is inextricably linked to the mafia and organised crime. In fact, it was the mafia that first came up with the idea to build glamourous hotels with luxurious casinos as an extra source of income.

As the mafia had a vast impact on Vegas’ history, the city even devoted a museum to organised crime and law enforcement called the Mob Museum. Due to Sin City’s sinister past and it’s luxurious nature, the city has been the scene of many great movies. Here is a rundown of the 5 ultimate Las Vegas Classics.

Click the page numbers to navigate, and comment below with your favourite Vegas movies.


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