The Baywatch Movie: Everything We Know

If you haven’t heard, where the heck have you been? 90s beach drama Baywatch is coming to the big screen, but don’t rummage around the internet for details that probably aren’t true because below is everything we definitely know about the remake.

The Plot

Baywatch is still in script stage at the moment, so only vague details have been released so far. What we do know, as purported on, is that this film is about two wannabe lifeguards competing for a job. So in other words we’re looking at The Internship with more nakedness.

The Stars

Rumors have been flying around about Zac Efron starring, but this has not been 100% confirmed by sources yet. However, Dwayne Johnson has been confirmed, which kind of makes sense. We assume he’ll be taking over the Hoff’s role, but we also hope he makes a little cameo with Pamela Anderson too. Kelly Brook is allegedly in talks to play Anderson’s C. J. Parker, but this is still just hearsay at the moment.

The Director

It says everything about the tone they’re going for when they hire Identity ThiefHorrible Bosses and Four Christmases director Seth Gordon to helm. There will be no surprises with this, clearly intent on keeping the light drama tone, if not moving into comedy entirely. To bring in the crowds it would need something like this.

The Release Date

You might be waiting a little while before this is confirmed. Baywatch is one of those projects that could fall down at any part of the process, and trying to make something work that really shouldn’t is a big risk. Don’t be surprised if it still gets cancelled, but if it does make it to cinemas we are probably looking at around Summer 2017/2018.

What’s your reaction to a Baywatch movie, and who would you cast?


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