US Film Chart 2015: Week 32

In the worst week since early June, Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation took the spoils with $41 million in its second week. The success of Tom Cruise’s action sequel has been a little surprising, but despite competition from The Gift and Fantastic Four it holds out at the top.

Ricki and the Flash entered this week at number seven, while Shaun the Sheep couldn’t even break the top ten. However, with three new entries it’s box office veterans Inside Out and Jurassic World that suffer, finally falling out of the chart.

US Box Office Chart: 7th – 13th August

  1. Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation   –   $41.88m
  2. Fantastic Four   –   $33.96m
  3. The Gift   –   $17.08m
  4. Vacation   –   $13.34m
  5. Ant-Man   –   $12.44m
  6. Minions   –   $12.41m
  7. Ricki and the Flash   –   $10.09m
  8. Trainwreck   –   $9.32m
  9. Pixels   –   $8.90m
  10. Southpaw   –   $7.25m

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