Trailer: Wolf Totem

It’s not often a foreign language film gets so much attention in the US and UK, but Wolf Totem is looking like a potential head-turner. Based on the novel, this is the story set in 1960s China when millions of students were sent to rural towns to teach the locals. One man befriends a wolf just when cubs were outlawed. Sounds a bit far-fetched but it does look good.

Wolf Totem is in cinemas from September 2015.

In acclaimed director Jean-Jacques Annaud’s film adaptation of Jiang Rong’s best-selling novel, a young Beijing student is sent to live among the nomadic herdsmen of Inner Mongolia. Caught between the advance of civilization from the south and the nomads’ traditional enemies – the marauding wolves – to the north; humans and animals, residents and invaders alike, struggle to find their true place in the world.


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