UFC Fighter Ronda Rousey to Star In Autobiopic

When she’s not attacking predators or knocking out Brazilians, UFC star Ronda Rousey is turning her hand to acting. After starring in The ExpendablesFurious 7 and her cameo in Entourage, Rousey is now prepared to take on her most difficult role yet – herself.

According to Variety, Paramount have picked up the rights to Rousey’s New York Times autobiography My Fight/Your Fight, and the 28 year old budding actress is lined up to take on the lead role. Though lacking acting experience, the poignancy of casting the actress whom the film is also based may take her career to new heights.

“It’s a real honor to be a part of bringing Ronda’s incredible story to the bigscreen,” Producer Mary Parent said.

It’s an exciting prospect, however a biopic where the subject is so close to the project will severely distort the perspective. My Fight/Your Fight will not be a particularly balanced film, but it will be built around a invested central performance. And as far as method acting goes it knocks spots of Daniel Day-Lewis.


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