Pixels Fails to Impress at Box Office

Sony’s gamble on one big Summer release was a gamble, but one that seemed a safe bet with Pixels – a film laden with so many video game references and comedy box office hitters that a good return seemed in the bag. Add to that a couple of great trailers and what could go wrong?

Well, apparently Americans did not take too well to all the publicity. Pixels opened in the states last weekend with a mediocre $24 million, and was beaten by Ant-Man in its second week. To not even debut at number one is a disappointing start for Sony, and based on the reviews it will only get worse.

How it didn’t open bigger is a mystery. Maybe we’re getting a little blockbuster fatigue after so many successive releases. Or maybe word of mouth spreads much faster nowadays. Whatever the reason, Pixels is one of the most overvalued films of 2015, but there had to be one.

Have you seen Pixels yet? Let us know what you think.


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    1. Not a fan of Pixels?


      1. Walker Schwartzman says:

        Not a fan of Sandler.

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