Sam Mendes Confirms ‘Spectre’ Theme But Keeps Names Under Wraps

The biggest James Bond news over the wires today is that following on the heels of Sam Mendes’ very unconvincing revelation that he will not helm the already announced Bond 24 (remember when he ruled out doing Spectre? Or when he ruled out involvement with the franchise in 2010? Or when he tried to convince Daniel Craig not to take the part of 007?) is that Sam has now announced that the theme song for Spectre is now in the can, but he is remaining tight lipped on who will be following Adele in crooning this time.

Personally I’m more than willing to wait until Spectre is out on the last Monday in October to hear it or when it is inevitably put onto iTunes for sale at 00:07 am (yes I will stay up for that – I did for Skyfall and its definitely a reward – didn’t do that for Another Way to Die in 2008, but the less said about that acoustic wreckage, the better frankly) but I think we are all curious who everyone thinks will do the honours this time?

Its rare they will ever ask an artist back, there’s only been one to do so thus far (Shirley Bassey warbled Goldfinger in ’64, Diamonds Are Forever in ’71 and Moonraker in ’79 – the movie where Bond flew a Space Shuttle into space a full two years before one would actually do so in reality) but interestingly, both she and Amy Winehouse gave unsolicited tracks to be used in place of Another Way To Die and it just so happens EON went with the horrible acoustic wreckage in that film instead of what those classics would have been (seriously, listen to Shirley Bassey’s turned down Quantum of Solace song and treat your ears). So they might want to ask Bassey back to make amends.

They certainly could do well getting Adele back, although with Skyfall being practically a full 180 from her usual far, her writing a new album and her new motherhood, we kind of feel its unlikely she will grace another 007 for a while.

Who else can you see writing or performing?


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