Interview: Minions Directors Kyle Balda & Pierre Coffin

Ahead of the highly anticipated release of Minions this Friday, director Kyle Balda and Pierre Coffin discuss the new spin-off from the popular Despicable Me franchise.

“This movie in particular doesn’t have the gift of language, so we need to rely on the basics of Chaplin or Mr. Bean. It’s got to have the simplicity that makes it funny” said Balda.

Set in the 1960s, the Minions arrive in America in search of a new leader, and hike their way to a Villain Expo where they meet Scarlett Overkill. With the voices of Sandra Bullock, Jon Hamm and more, Minions is released in the UK from 26th June 2015.


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  1. dragonballgo says:

    Expanding off of side characters from an extremely popular film, critically and commercially, can go either way as we have seen in the past. “Minions” represents the lower half of the spectrum as we follow a group of three minions, Kevin, Stuart and Bob, as they leave their tribe, looking for a new evil leader. That is really all that happens until the


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