Jennifer Lawrence to Scoop $20 million for ‘Passengers’

Sony’s Passengers is becoming a much better proposition for the studio following the success of Jurassic World with rising star Chris Pratt in the lead. However, it’s co-star Jennifer Lawrence who is taking the biggest pay check.

Lawrence has already made box office history, making The Hunger Games the most profitable franchise in history with a single female star. Now she looks set to be the face of equality in Hollywood, as Sony offer her a reported whopping $20 million plus up to 30% of profits after break even. This is compared to around $10 million for Pratt and $5 million for director Morten Tyldum.

The now infamous hack left Sony in a vulnerable position last year, but this could start to rectify a long-standing wrong for which they are the pin-up. Equal pay has been actively campaigned for by several of Hollywood’s highest profile stars including Meryl Streep, and it seems quite fitting that Jennifer Lawrence, and her agent, now seem to be pioneering this important shift.

Passengers is a sci-if epic starring both Lawrence and Pratt, with an estimated budget of around $100 million. Due out in 2016, this could even be an early possible awards contender.

More to follow.


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