US Film Chart 2015: Week 19

As expected Avengers: Age of Ultron holds on to the top spot with its worldwide box office passing the billion mark on its 24th day. Not as well as the Furious 7 record (17 days) or The Avengers (19 days). Now the only question left is to see if it can pass the $1.5 billion total of The Avengers.

The Age of Adaline has slipped into number three, falling behind the only new entry Hot Pursuit. Other than this there is some movement in the charts but nothing significant.

 US Box Office Chart: 8th – 14th May, 2015

  1. Avengers: Age of Ultron   –   $97.5m
  2. Hot Pursuit   –   $17.72m
  3. The Age of Adaline   –   $7.94m
  4. Furious 7   –   $6.99m
  5. Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2    –   $6.44m
  6. Ex Machina   –   $5.21m
  7. Home   –   $3.83m
  8. Woman in Gold –   $2.44m
  9. Cinderella   –   $2m
  10. Unfriended   –   $2m

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