Sequels to come

Reports confirm that Kate Beckinsale will return for the fifth film reprising her role as Selene. This fifth installment in the Underworld franchise is titled Underworld: The Next Generation. Theo James is also reported to return reprising his role as the Vampire David from Underworld: Awakening.The franchise is also rumoured to have it’s first female director Anna Foerster.

According to the Hollywood Reporter Underworld 5 “is said to focus on a new and younger generation of vampires and werewolves who are locked in a seemingly never-ending battle between supernatural races.”


Shanghai Noon:
Owen Wilson and Jackie Chan are reuniting for the third film in the action-comedy Shanghai Noon series – Shanghai Dawn. Owen Wilson and Jackie Chan will reprise their roles as Roy O’Bannon and Chon Wang.

The combination western/kung-fu mash-up was first released 15 years ago, Shanghai Dawn has been announced 12 years after Shanghai Knights, which was released in 2003. The project is currently on the look out for writers – so still a while to go, but at least fans know it’s coming.


The 2011 hockey comedy will be back with a sequel titled Goon: Last of the Enforcers. Seann William Scott will comeback playing hockey enforcer Doug Glatt and Jay Baruchel will re-join the team and make his directorial debut.

The first film followed Doug as he is recruited on a minor league hockey team. Goon: Last of the Enforcers is “a story that sees his team, the Halifax Highlanders, reunite with a host of new players during a pro lockout.”



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