Trailer: She’s Funny That Way

Here’s a film that feels like it should have been put in the hands of Woody Allen. Unfortunately failing that, She’s Funny That Way has been oddly marketed as some silly comedy when, if you bother to pay attention to what’s happening, it looks rather good. Owen Wilson, Jennifer Aniston and Imogen Poots star in a movie about one night stands, Broadway, therapists and the woes of love life.

A full synopsis and official trailer are below. She’s Funny That Way is released in cinemas and on digital HD from June 26th 2015.

The expression “the show must go on” gets put to the ultimate test as this tangled web of characters and the objects of their affection unravels in this outrageous comedy from director Peter Bogdanovich.

Gearing up for the production of his latest play, Broadway director Arnold Albertson (Owen Wilson) arrives in New York City ahead of his family and treats himself to a one-night stand with spunky, charismatic Brooklynite Izzy (Imogen Poots).

Assuming they’ll go their separate ways and never meet again, they’re both shocked when she walks in to audition for a role in the play alongside his actress wife Delta (Kathryn Hahn) and nails her audition so well that he has no choice but to cast her. If that didn’t make rehearsals awkward enough, the play’s leading man (Rhys Ifans) is Delta’s former flame who is not-so-secretly still in love with her – and is also in the unique position of having witnessed Arnold’s indiscretion with Izzy.

Izzy looks for guidance from her therapist Jane (Jennifer Aniston), a sarcastic narcissist who may well be the worst therapist on the planet, but she’s no help as she’s consumed with her own failing relationship with Arnold’s playwright Josh (Will Forte), a nice guy who’s developing a crush on starlet Izzy.


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